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Access Files, programs, email, and network.
RemoteComputer can be used for
Server Administration
Help Desk
Document Collaboration
Resource Sharing
Connecting to a Remote Office
Remote Teaching
Monitoring of workstations

...and much more!

Work on your office PC from home
Introducing RemoteComputer!
Use the Internet to remotely control your PC. Control any Windows machine with any other Windows machine.
Need to work on a file over the weekend? Left an important document in the office? Don't drive in, just grab it remotely with RemoteComputer.
RemoteComputer is a simple, cost effective solution for accessing your workstation from anywhere in the world, over any Internet connection! With compressed data transfer, it's fast-- even over a dial-up connection!

Here are some of its features:

RemoteComputer is remote control software based on the TCP/IP protocol. Use RemoteComputer to contol a remote host over a local network or the Internet, including screen control, mouse and keyboard simulation, File Transfer Protocol, and net phone. The client can also list all remote windows, processes, and loaded modules running on the server. Its convenient interface is a little like Windows Explorer. One client can control many servers, and one server can be controlled by many clients.

The Remote Computer server can be protected by a password, and the client must input the correct password in order to control the remote server. Data is compressed, for fast control, even over a dial-up network!

Access your PC from anywere!
Travel and use your PC remotely

Need to connect to a dynamic IP address? RemoteComputer also includes an option for dynamic IP address location, called the 'Global Host System.'

Remote Computer can run under Windows 95/98/NT/2000 and XP.

Download the PAD file.

Remotely access and manage multiple PCs from anywhere.
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